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Sept 2020 - The sun on your cheeks is good for you soul. Embrace the spring!

In the interest of everybody's health we have temporarily stopped visitors to Wisdom Activities. We trust you understand under these unique circumstances.

Please note due to both local and international economic changes related to the reality of implementing health and safety precautions, you may experience delays with your order and some stock may become unavailable at short notice.

Victoria is now under a tighter lockdown (Stage 3: 8/07 & Stage 4: 05/08 - 28/09 ) this has contributed to delayed turn around times.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


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We are pleased to advise the catalogue is available for download from the website. All pricing and coding is displayed for your convenience. We accept orders via email, website or phone. If you need help please call in. We enjoy hearing from you.

Facility Enquiries Compliance Checklist:

Yes Kate Rutherford is "The Owner of Wisdom" and can supply a valid and current Police Check.

Yes we have a list of qualifications and 20 years experience in both Welfare and Business.

Yes we have, current Public and Product Liability Insurance.

Yes your welcome to visit to view our stock. Corporate enquiries No Appointment necessary.

Yes we will go the extra mile to obtain the resources you need.

We Are Here to Assist You.

Any shipping queries are best managed by placing an order on Invoice at the Checkout

Please don't hesitate to phone in if you have a question or query. We enjoy hearing from you!

Our Business Values

Everybody has the right to heal physically, mentally and emotionally at any age, at any time and in any capacity during the course of  their life. Wellbeing for the aged in care is achieved by meeting user end requirements and this is our primary motivation for product development. Leisure activities play an intergral role in overcoming feelings of depression, anxiety, helplessness and boredom.

Product Goals

Wisdom Activities supports the development of mature age appropriate and large print lifestyle and diversional therapy items. We will continue to improve items where able. We welcome your thoughts and ideas for development. Please call in to discuss 03 8839 4602

 Where Are We Going!

Wisdom Activities is embracing a wellbeing revolution for older persons and especially those in care. We will continue to introduce our customers to innovative ways to increase energy, lift emotion and tap into a everybody‚Äôs rightful pathway to wellbeing regardless of age.