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August 2018:  Serenity & Grace occurs when revolving trials and tribulations are accepted.

2018 Diversional Recreation Therapy Aust Conference - Melbourne September 20th & 21st 2018

It's not too late to book into the conference and meet us in person. Caulfield Racecourse  Convention Centre Thursday and Friday Sept 2018

Email or Phone Direct:    For more Information T: 02 9887 5035 E: enquiries@diversionaltherapy.org.au. W: www.diversionaltherapy.org.au

Large Wood Games Price Changes effective as of 1st of July 2018 -

The website prices for the large wood games have been updated at the first of July and the new pricing will over ride any previous or existing advertising currently in place. We apologise in advance if this causes any inconvenience.

We Are Here to Assist You

Having trouble with the computer and want to talk it through over the phone, No problem we are here to assist. It's my job!!!

"Many thanks for your patience and support.  Your help was very supportive!!!!  I am so looking forward to all the new equipment as will our residents!!  Have a great day!! Torquay Victoria April 18

We spend hours improving our items so when the residents say they are happy, we are touched to know we made a difference!

"Just to let you know the Bingo set has arrived and it is awesome! Our residents used the new set for the first time today and all commented on what an improvement to the last one." South Aust Hospital April 2018

We love receiving Thankyou Cards and it re-enforces to me your industry is blessed to have you. I'm always overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, positive attitude and appreciation. So who ever is reading this today. Keep up the goodwork! You do make a difference to someone's life.

 Catalogue Download - Go To Home Page - Yellow Box - Print Catalogue

We are pleased to advise the catalogue is available for download from the website. All pricing and coding is displayed for your convenience. We accept orders via email, website or phone. If you need help please call in. We enjoy hearing from you.

Website Changes to Our Trading Terms

Standard orders will be dispatched based on the Australia Post guidelines. The good news is the website will adjust this for you automatically. When using the website if you order irregular or large wood items, your order will default to a quote. The website will still allow you to finalise payment via credit card immediately if this is your preference, however there is no obligation, you’re most welcome to continue with a 30 Day invoice. If the website defaults to a freight quote, your order will be on charged using your method of payment when the items are packed and ready for dispatch.  The website also gives you the option to place an order on a 30 day invoice by selecting Invoice at the checkout.

Our Business Values

Everybody has the right to heal physically, mentally and emotionally at any age, at any time and in any capacity during the course of  their life. Wellbeing for the aged in care is achieved by meeting user end requirements and this is our primary motivation for product development. Leisure activities play an intergral role in overcoming feelings of depression, anxiety, helplessness and boredom.

Product Goals

Wisdom Activities supports the development of mature and large print lifestyle and diversional therapy items. We will continue to improve items where able. We welcome your thoughts and ideas for development. Please call in to discuss 03 8839 4602

 Where Are We Going!

Wisdom Activities is embracing a wellbeing revolution for older persons and especially those in care. We will continue to introduce our customers to innovative ways to increase energy, lift emotion and tap into a everybody’s rightful pathway to wellbeing regardless of age.