Motion Sensor Pet: Cat

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This cat has been designed to respond like a real cat! It is activated with a built-in motion sensor. The technology replicates the cat responding to petting and hugging motions much like a live pet.

This specialised pet will be comforting to those experiencing anxiety or depression and is suitable for residents living with dementia as a calming and good feeling distraction.

The built-in sensors respond to motion and touch. The cat has realistic, soft fur that looks and feels like a real cat, and even creates cat-like movements and sounds, such as relaxing and sleeping, rolling over for a tummy rub, and even licking paws! The rumbling purr sounds and feels very real. There is nothing quite as relaxing as having a purring cat on your lap!

Cat variety may purchase.(Tabby Grey or Black & White)

 Please call in if you have a preference