Oceans: Nature's Aquarium (Calming DVD)

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Enjoy an hour-long collection of gorgeous, seamlessly unfolding ocean scenes in 4K footage!

Oceans: Nature's Aquarium is a visual celebration of marine biodiversity: colourful coral reefs, rich sandy slopes, current-swept channels, shallow seagrass meadows, and bottomless drop-offs—all teeming with tropical fish and unusual critters. Professionally filmed using high-end optics, the stationary camera creates an ever-changing window into the underwater world. This DVD includes three audio options and a bonus featurette.

FOR RELAXING: no dialogue, no story, just sheer beauty. The exquisite visuals are enhanced by your choice of digital audio: peaceful music, or natural undersea sounds.

FOR LEARNING: switch on the optional commentary and/or subtitles from our marine biologist and award-winning underwater cameraman. Follow along as he shares his knowledge of marine ecosystems, and reveals the filming stories behind the shots.

LOOP OPTION: the DVD can be looped for continuous playback of all 65 ocean scenes, designed for uninterrupted enjoyment.

BONUS FEATURE: the 10-minute bonus featurette, Artificial Reefs, shows man-made structures and historic shipwrecks, decorated with anemones and sponges, and bursting with fish life.

See the quality of production in the video attached.