Embracing Lifestyle Strategies for Every Age Group

Wednesday, 2 January 2019 11:05:32 am Australia/Melbourne

10 Simple Reasons why we need to expand Lifestyle programmes for all Ages

1. Historically we travelled the earth in clans it's natural to our being to be grouped and doing activities together.

2. Where there is disconnected and isolated social beings research shows illness or early death is likely.

3. Social engagement increases wellbeing.

4. Past generations with deprivations need to be nutured by having increased grouped, positive experiences.

5. Genuine & real human touch (which we are genetically geared to seek out) will NEVER be emotionally replaced by technology.

6. Health and wellbeing begins in social bonds that's why we are born into families.

7.The ripple effect of wellbeing is naturally transferred to another by group socialising and interconnectedness. 

8. Economically (whether we like it or not) we are being directed into grouped living. 

9. Lifestyle activities as opposed to religion will break down the barriers of differences in groups or individuals. 

10. Distractions from health or emotional problems is life giving not life depreciating. 

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2017 Product Improvements

Sunday, 28 January 2018 9:37:43 am Australia/Melbourne

Ball in the Bucket:

Now on Wheels! This lets you scoot around with your ring to increase the fun and agility.

Beetle Game:

Two improvements; larger numbers and a backing board to make it similar to a puzzle. This keeps all the pieces together when your resident has completed the game and secondly helps you store it so the pieces aren't misplaced.

Elder Street A4 Bingo Cards:

A4 visually improved with sequenced large print numbers.

Bingo Tokens:

We added numbers to the tokens for calling and placing on your A3 Board.

A3 Call Board:

Now Bigger and Better!! Large numbers and sequenced layout.

Twelve Pin Line Up:

Red markers for accurate targeting. Designed as a knock down game for variation in physical movement.

Lacing Wheel:

Big holes for older hands. Makes sense doesn't it!

Guy & Lady Card Match:

Picture cards which use adult images and incorporates the montessori principles. You can sort pictures into categories and match to a placement picture.

Wisdom Years Recall Four: 

Large print 16 point teasers to stimulate memory.

Golf Game:

Safety clips were added to the base to make it safe and portable.

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