Wholetones CDs and DVD - The Benefits

Sunday, 28 January 2018 9:39:15 am Australia/Melbourne

’Music is the Language of the Soul,’’ ………………………….…. I’m bringing you this reality to experience it for yourself.


Last year I started a seven minute meditation, with positive words, supported by some unusual tones in the background. After using the meditation I noticed a deepening calming. For some unknown reason my conscious mind kept focusing on the background tones throughout the guided meditation. I found myself scrunching my body; trying to tune in like I was doing a hearing test. The tones in their pure form are monotone, but they instinctively captured my attention. I later discovered they are the “Solfeggio Frequencies” which are anciently associated with harmonic communication and used in historical Gregorian Chants associated with healing. Using this knowledge I scanned the internet for testimonials for health benefits because I felt sure there was more to it and honestly I decided if I felt this good in seven minutes daily I wanted to expose myself to sixty minutes or longer to see if the benefits would increase. This Research led me to Wholetones; “The Healing Frequency Project”

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2017 Product Improvements

Sunday, 28 January 2018 9:37:43 am Australia/Melbourne

Ball in the Bucket:

Now on Wheels! This lets you scoot around with your ring to increase the fun and agility.

Beetle Game:

Two improvements; larger numbers and a backing board to make it similar to a puzzle. This keeps all the pieces together when your resident has completed the game and secondly helps you store it so the pieces aren't misplaced.

Elder Street A4 Bingo Cards:

A4 visually improved with sequenced large print numbers.

Bingo Tokens:

We added numbers to the tokens for calling and placing on your A3 Board.

A3 Call Board:

Now Bigger and Better!! Large numbers and sequenced layout.

Twelve Pin Line Up:

Red markers for accurate targeting. Designed as a knock down game for variation in physical movement.

Lacing Wheel:

Big holes for older hands. Makes sense doesn't it!

Guy & Lady Card Match:

Picture cards which use adult images and incorporates the montessori principles. You can sort pictures into categories and match to a placement picture.

Wisdom Years Recall Four: 

Large print 16 point teasers to stimulate memory.

Golf Game:

Safety clips were added to the base to make it safe and portable.

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