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Multi Card Match


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Comprising two sets of identical pairs - Multi-Match has been designed for a variety of uses matching tasks and activities -The collection comprises of 96 pairs of images giving a total of 192 cards which are categorised into two areas complex and simple- There are a number of ways of using these cards - by sorting them in different ways by colour - by pattern and shapes - same and different -whats missing and so on - Examples include Black - hairdryer cup saucer -mobile phone -portable stereo - jug -socks - toothpaste - scarf -paints -plates -coins- clock - dog -mugs -dice -dominoes - Hard Box comes with instruction book and suggestions for various levels of capabilities- Book Shows it can be used for Matching Pictures and Objects; Grouping; Listening Activity, Odd One Out, What's Different, Snap and Pairs. Versatile kit to have on hand. Cards Measure 9cm x 9cm