Time Flies - Level 3 Romance - Short Story 1000 Words

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Time Flies is a A4 40 page (20 pages of Text) adult reading STORY / PICTURE book suitable for residents living with dementia or for anyone who might benefit.

It looks and feels like a real book but has been designed for adults experiencing cognitive decline. It aims to encourage and maintain an interest in reading using simple text and sentences. It would also be a good engagement tool for carer interaction.

This is a short novel.  Approximately 1 - 2 sentences per page. Adult reading in large font, large print and with A4 colour pictures.

Other books for this purpose.

Level 1 - Action - Approx one to two Sentences - 320 Words

(Neighbourhood Carnage)

Level 2 - Western - Approx Two sentences per page - 600 Words

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Level 3 - Romance - Approx Three Sentences per page 1000 Words

(Time Flies)