Lets Talk - Resilience

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A Card Discussion Tool to build emotional strength. It is important for people in care to remain positive and have discussions to encourage ways to build resilience. This card tool is broken up into sections. Let's Talk: Resilience are cards to improve communication and confidence. The cards are in 5 sections: discussion (to get people thinking about resilience); quotes (either put the cards face up on the floor or table and ask each person to choose their favourite & explain why; or each person picks a card in turn to read to the group); experience (participants share their own experiences of being resilient); and think again (changing unhelpful thinking patterns into helpful ones. Read the situation & quote on the card; change the unhelpful thinking pattern into the helpful one which is given and suggest what you might say/ think instead.) ; to be used together; strength cards (positive self-messages); situation cards; content: 78 cards. Use for group discussion or individually.