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Colour Tones - Wholetones Chroma


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This unique DVD uses purposeful colours with peaceful images to relax and put your mind in a meditative state - The music has embedded frequencies underlying each of the sound tracks which facilitate wellbeing - The music also has an added benefit of supporting a deep sleep, which is very noticeable straight away - The colours correspond to your bodies energy centres or chakras which MAY be an adjunct to healing -The DVD would be especially useful for those residents who are less engaged or difficult to interact with - Simply switch the DVD on and leave on - You may notice behaviour or calming benefits straight away or within 4 - 6 weeks of listening and watching - You don't need to do anything but turn it on and leave it on to see improvements over time - Colours or Chroma therapy is now being recognised to have a calming and meditative effect and when combined with these especially cleansing embedded music frequencies this DVD will have a combined effect.