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Wholetones - 7 CDs


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Wholetones CDs ( 7 CDs 22.22 minutes each CD) It is a versatile product which we encourage your workplace - residents and visitors to embrace - Enjoy the health benefits of the embedded ancient solfeggio frequencies - Made up of seven tones or frequencies which are the basis for the music - you will absorb the sound frequency like a healthy radio wave - You cant see it but instinctively you know it exists -The frequencies enhance wellbeing -The CDs can be used for palliative care relaxation massage or exercise -Elderly with poor hearing even at low volume will benefit -Health improvements are possible with the desired intention - We recommend ANYONE including pets use either CDs or DVDs to induce sound sleeping reduce night wakings and to alleviate stress and anxiety - Full refund if your not 100% happy -Note This is contemporary music and has no vocals. I personally have used this product and still do today. The music is unique because it is OPPOSITE TUNING to what we hear in conventional music today and has been designed for your listening pleasure to maximise possible benefits. Happy to take phone calls if you want more information.