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Sleep Tones - Wholetones2Sleep


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Three hrs of recorded blissful music embedded with tones to induce deep sleeping and to reduce night wakings - Simply turn on and go to sleep - These tones put your body in a meditative state without effort - You will also notice benefits during waking - but this portable unit is designed for sleeping - The Sleep Tones is a SAFE portable unit operated by a rechargeable battery with an internal speaker which can be placed beside a bed. It would be perfect for residents who are agitated at night; the unit would support them to sleep without medication. Children would also benefit from the portable unit with an end of day routine to assist with bedtime. At night the rechargeable battery allows you to leave it on and go to sleep without worrying about turning something OFF before nodding off.. It however can also be plugged into a socket with good quality speaker and earphones. This is a safe unique exceptional night calming tool for those living with dementia or for anyone who needs a good night sleep and would also be suitable as a peaceful calming effect for palliative care. This item will incur a significant price increase soon, so don't wait and get in early to enjoy the benefits. Facility Testimonials coming soon.